How High Bounce Rate Waste your Time, Effort and Money

Google Analytics is always been a great tool when it comes analyse site performance especially in identifying bounced sessions of your website. It gives you exact figure in which visitors leaves your website from the landing page without browsing website. People always take bounce rate as a negative signal but for me it’s a positive signal for any website. Bounce rate data helps in analysing website performance and also it gives clear picture of the website that where we are lacking and what we need to improve?

High bounce rate usually falls in two categories:

  1. You are getting wrong kind of traffic for your web pages
  2. You are getting right audience for your web page.

Now, you must be thinking if I am getting right audience then why they bounced back from the website. So, today we will discuss about the best practices to reduce the bounce rate and also how to convert clicks into visitors and visitors into customers .

  • Website Design and Navigation
    When it comes to design, your website look and feel plays an important role. Below are the few points that you need to take care before doing your web design:

    1. Don’t make your visitors feel that they have landed on wrong URL.
    2. Have you worked on your website navigation?
    3. Internal linking of the website should be perfectly done
    4. Is your web design and business category communicating each other?
    5. Have you work on website colour contrast?

  • Website loading Speed
    Visitors expect website should be load in 2sec they will not tolerate slow site anymore. Especially mobile users. Mostly users use their mobile phone to browse any website. So, how do you know if your website loading speed too high. Use below two tools to check
  • ✓ http:tools.pingdom.comy
  • ✓ Google Developers Page Speed Insights
  • If you are over 2 seconds, work on below points to fix your website response time

    ✓ Minify javascript
    ✓ Google coding should be clear and avoid blank spaces into the coding
    ✓ Properly formatting and optimize images can save a lot
    ✓ Eliminate render-java script and CSS
    ✓ Minify HTML coding
    ✓ Minify CSS

    Is your website mobile friendly?
    After so many updates especially starting from 21st April it is mandatory that website must be friendly for all the devices9Desktop, Mobile and Tablet). In the consideration of increasing number of mobile users Google makes it mandatory for ever website. Your website must be mobile friendly (Responsive Web Design) and navigation should be easily to find out. Do not make your visitors feel that they are landed on wrong URL.

    Technical Issues:
    We have discussed most of the technical issue of the website on point number 2(Website Loading Speed) but few points I would like to address here:

    ✓ Your website hosting should be on right hand
    ✓Clearing cache and Cookies automatically
    ✓ Use custom font and must be downloaded before anyone read your website
    ✓ Avoid too many redirects(301)
    ✓ Your website must have customize 404 page for non-existing services/products or pages
    ✓ Use “Always open in a new tab” for internal or for external links.
    ✓ Use right/correct Schema for your website.
    ✓ Is the website w3c verified?

    Unnecessary Pop-ups ads annoy people and it distract user experience. So, if you are offering any specific offer to your visitors, do not make them feel that you are forcing them to click to the pop-up ads.

    Site Search
    Google Analytics is an awesome tool to analyse website performance. Putting internal site search box to the website to the website help your visitors to find easily what they are looking for in terms of product, service, keyword. On the basis your site search data you can easily identify what your visitors looking into your website, and it helps in reducing bounce rate and according to that you can strategies your content strategy.

    Demographic Data
    By enabling demographic data into your analytics account you can easily judge what type of visitors comes to your website in terms of “Aga”, “Gender” and “Interest”. By the helps of demographic data you can also strategies your website content strategy which helps in reducing bounce rate.

    Content and Keyword
    Most importantly is your website content and also whether you are targeting right keyword or not? Website content becomes an important part especially after Panda update, according of Google your website content should be unique, fresh and engaging. Does not use duplicate content on your website and target the right keyword for your every landing page. You meta information should be conversational for search engine as well as for users both then only you can convert clicks into visitors and visitors into customers.

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