Common Mistakes I See People Make With Website CTA Button

When you are thinking to sell your business online, there are lots of factors which influence your value, but in between all of them, there is one big factor: your website CTA button. To be blunt, I am not talking about your website/online business getting launched one day and that it starts selling the next day: you will have to establish it first.

Before I started my online business, I was in a quagmire. Like so many other businesses, my own venture floundered. I decided to move to some other business and called a friend who was handling a restaurant to see what he could do for me. He gave me a gem of an advice. He said that like in every business, an online business must have a call to action. As I said, since he was handling a restaurant, he linked his venture with other online businesses and likewise, he advised me to make some changes on my website. Based on his suggestion, I’ve listed below the 5 mistakes marketers make with the CTA button that leads to poor conversion:

  • CTA Button:
    In a restaurant business, your restaurant should be well organized, neat and clean, not only from the inside but from outside too and the way/direction to it should be clearly visible to the customers, so that they can easily find their way in. In the same way, your website CTA button should stand on every landing page of your website and it should be well designed and well placed. Choose a CTA button color that will contrast with the overall color of the landing page.
  • Boring Copy:
    Just as a restaurant menu card should be clear, eye catchy and easily available; your CTA button should be written for the visitors. Think about the impression it would create when they see your website CTA button. Make sure your CTA button content is short and conversational.
  • Distraction on Page
    Just as the menu should be on the table in a restaurant, the same way a CTA button should be easily available and your visitors must know what to do next. Don’t get them confused by showing the wrong CTA button on the right landing page. Make it easy for the visitors to know what to do on the landing page.
  • Confusing and poor offer
    In a restaurant business, your offers should be clear and easily visible; in the same way, if you are giving any specific offer to your visitors, it should be clearly visible, unique and the offer button content should be engaging.

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