When to Think of Choosing a Mobile Website and Responsive Website

As technology grows at a galloping pace and the world goes mobile, it has overtaken fixed internet access in comparison that is used by desktop users. People love to search their product and services through mobile. They keep searching their requirements on smart phones and if your business website is not mobile friendly, then you […]

Common Mistakes I See People Make With Website CTA Button

When you are thinking to sell your business online, there are lots of factors which influence your value, but in between all of them, there is one big factor: your website CTA button. To be blunt, I am not talking about your website/online business getting launched one day and that it starts selling the next […]

40 Trending Tips for Better Digital Marketing Practice

We all have been reading a lot of SEO tips on different forums or on blogs for better SEO practices to get higher ranking on search engines, especially on Google. Today, we are going to share top 40 trending SEO tips which you will find indispensable. So without wasting time, let’s get started: Ensure that […]

How High Bounce Rate Waste your Time, Effort and Money

Google Analytics is always been a great tool when it comes analyse site performance especially in identifying bounced sessions of your website. It gives you exact figure in which visitors leaves your website from the landing page without browsing website. People always take bounce rate as a negative signal but for me it’s a positive […]

How Your URL Structure Matters In Ranking

It has been a long time since we discussed about the URL structure of a website. What are the best practices for structuring URLs? Well, there is no rule if you speak of Google because if you keenly observe Google, you will find that it shows a dynamic URL while searching and this also holds […]